Site Changes

June 27, 2022, 8:57 p.m.

Thank you for your interest! This site will be undergoing development through the summer and fall, but you'll be able to continue exploring Sanborn maps here. Follow @mradamcox for future updates.


There were two main objectives in this project:

  • Create a new place for collaborative map georeferencing
  • Connect it to existing online map archives
To accomplish these, the platform allows users to import and georeference scanned maps from the Sanborn Maps Collection at the Library of Congress.

Georeferenced layers can be trimmed and aggregated within public web maps to build seamless mosaics of historical Louisiana communities.


Study Period - February-May, 2022
This stage will see the heaviest use of the site, and users will be sent an optional survey near the end of May about their experience with the project.

Data Transfer - Summer, 2022
Single GeoTIFF files will be generated from the mosaics, and transferred to LSU Atlas where they will be published for for long-term public use.

What volumes are available?

To provide wide geographic and temporal coverage throughout Louisiana we devised the following criteria:

  • Include the earliest edition for every community, regardless of date.
  • Include any editions published through 1910 for all communities outside of New Orleans.
  • Include only the earliest full coverage of New Orleans (which is in four volumes, published between 1885 and 1893).
Applied across the state, these criteria produce 267 volumes covering 138 communities, with a combined sheet count of over 1,600.
If you see a volume listed in grey, it is present in the LOC but doesn't fit the criteria above. If you have a specific interest in a greyed out volume, get in touch!

Why is my city not listed?

If a city does not appear in the "Start a new volume" list, then there is no Sanborn map of it in the LOC collection. However, do check for old names of your city, or the names of adjacent communities that may have combined with yours over the years.

Note: We are open to sponsorship, grants, or other partnership models to extend the scope and longevity of this project. Please email acox42@lsu.edu if this interests you or your organization.